Why Do We Charge for HUTS Land?

You may be asking yourself, “why does HUTS charge for this service?” Well, to put it quite simply, we do the legwork so you don’t have to. 

Yes, all land listings are free and publicly available to anyone who is looking, and through a wide variety of channels. But, what you see is what you get — and generally, what you get is a blurry picture of trees, a price tag, and no context. 

We recognized an opportunity for improvement. So we did some work, and created a tool that will make the land search journey less of a chore and more of a guided adventure. But, we use a lot of resources to do this. And it takes a lot of time. So we charge a little bit to keep these efforts moving forward, and to create an experience that is highly curatorial and informative for you. 

Here are just some of the benefits of signing up for a HUTS Land subscription:

#1 : Save Time

We pour over listing services in search of the best currently available parcels in the six major counties of Hudson Valley and the Catskills. That’s more time for you to spend doing literally anything else! We select and categorize these parcels into the following criteria to help you manage your search:

  1. Location
  2. Price 
  3. Acreage 
  4. Available Utilities 
  5. Project Level 
  6. Environment

#2 : Save Money

We have found through our clients – and on our own – that the average timeframe to find the perfect parcel of land to buy is about three months. That’s a lot of road trips upstate, driving around from county to county, and the associated travel expenses really start to add up. Sure, we love a long weekend in the mountains just as much as the next. But, HUTS Land can really help you keep those weekend exploration trips under control, and gives you a clear idea of the lots you are going to visit in advance.

#3 : Envision – and budget for – an Overall Project Scope 

It’s hard to unlock and envision the potential of a land parcel just by looking at a few photos, and sometimes it’s even harder when you visit and take a walk around. Each HUTS Land listing offers a comprehensive suggested plan for how to develop the lot, along with an easy to follow land use diagram and land prep estimate. Our experts utilize unique aerial land surveying technology to scope out the parcel from above to truly understand it’s potential and deliver the best advice to you.

#4 : Local Insight

Each of our listings is also accompanied by recommendations for places to dine, shop and explore around the lot. Additionally, we pair this information with a HUTS Town Guide, so you can really get a flavor for the area — even before deciding to visit. This is a very helpful step for those who are just beginning their search.

Sounds pretty cool, right ? We think so too and hope you will check it out. Happy searching, intrepid friends!

*Please review our full Terms of Service. HUTS Land may assist you in identifying a  parcel of land which you may or may not consider purchasing through a realtor or real estate agency independent of HUTS.

HUTS is NOT and DOES NOT claim to be any of the following services or businesses: licensed real estate brokerage, real estate agency, land holding company, REIT (real estate investment trust), real estate investing platform, real estate analyst, land acquisition analyst, land development entity, lending platform, real estate attorney, professional land engineering firm, civil engineering firm, site surveyor, rental agency or property management company. 

HUTS Land  IS NOT INTENDED to replace or override the professional guidance of any of the aforementioned professional services which may or may not be sought in the process of purchasing a land parcel by any individual. The information provided by HUTSis a collection of informed assessments based on current market trends and location specific prevailing rates, which are subject to change without notice*