Top 10 Reasons New Yorkers Need a Vacation Cabin in the Catskills

1. Trade traffic jams for meandering country roads

There are few things more aggravating than being stuck in gridlock traffic inside of a tunnel on a scorching ninety degree afternoon. A leisurely drive through the rolling country hills is decidedly better for your blood pressure levels. 

2. Escape the air and noise pollution

Maybe you’ve gotten used to the sound of trash trucks in the morning and the light waft of noxious fumes. But, wouldn’t it be nicer to wake up to the sound of chirping birds and the fresh scent of pine trees?  

3. Commune with nature

Forest therapy is a very real thing. Spending time in nature is shown to significantly improve mental health, with lowered levels of anxiety, depression and negative feelings. We think everyone could use some forest therapy these days. 

4. Live a more active lifestyle

You can finally ditch the expensive personal trainer and opt for a strenuous trail hike in the mountains instead. Your Fitbit won’t know what to do with itself.

5. Start new hobbies & pursue your passions

Have you always secretly wanted to become an artisanal candle maker or a cultivator of rare heirloom tomatoes? In your own vacation cabin, you have the space to actually make that possible. 

6. Generate rental income to offset the cost of ownership

The great thing about having a vacation escape is that other people also want the same thing. By renting your cabin through a short term rental app, you will have the opportunity to significantly offset your costs and to grow your investment over time with a new income stream. 

7. Have an opportunity to own property (even if you don’t in the city)

So you don’t have $800k to buy a mini studio apartment in Manhattan? Not to worry. You can, however, still be a property owner in New York by building your very own upstate cabin for $300k. This is real estate that will not only appreciate in value, but will enhance your overall quality of life. 

8. Take advantage of historically low interest rates

Interest rates today are at their lowest in years. Financial experts are reporting that they are the best they have ever been, and perhaps the best they will ever be. Sounds like a fine time to make a dream a reality. 

9. Make a meet up place for family and friends

We know you don’t have space in your Brooklyn apartment to host the whole family for dinner or a college buddy reunion. But, wouldn’t it be nice to invite them upstate for some of those heirloom tomatoes? Mmm…

10. Have a permanent excuse to vacation

When you build your own vacation home, you always have a place to escape. We think that is by far the best reason of all. 

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