Small Space Solutions We Love

At HUTS, we’re all about finding a little space. The key to creating clean, uncluttered and highly functional small spaces is incorporating the right design solutions into your upstate getaway. In today’s post, we rounded up some of our favorite purposeful, design-forward, space saving solutions for every room in your house. 

A foldable table no matter the size is an automatic space saver. This one built by one of our favorite furniture makers and HUTS pal, Ethan Abramson, can be your console, desk, or dining table. Interior designer, Amy Courtney incorporated this space saving piece seamlessly into a clients home. No need to section off a whole area when you can just tuck this console away when it’s not being used and blend the chairs into your living space.

The Murphy bed is a classic and very underrated space saving solution. It can look chic and sleek like this one from Lori Wall Beds, and will open up your space and make it feel decluttered by the time you have your morning zoom meeting. A murphy bed is also a great way to add extra room for more guests without decommissioning a whole room. You can keep your studio or office space open and airy, but also able to quickly convert it to transform to a sleeping space.  Lori Wall Beds makes the most stylish murphy beds around in any size you may need! It is even a functional shelving unit when folded up.

Photos by Lori Wall Beds

When space is already a commodity, counter space is precious. An under the counter refrigerator/freezer can give you back a couple of feet of counter space, and leaves room for more cabinets or shelves above. There are many options at various price points making this an easy solution for anyone looking to save space in a small cabin or home. Check out the one below here!

Hooks! Figure out what you don’t mind being seen and hang it up. It will save cabinet space for less attractive items like blenders, and other countertop clutter. We love hanging our pots and pans, and not just because it makes us look like we might actually be skilled in the kitchen, but because it saves so much space! Invest in some aesthetically pleasing pots and pans, cutting boards, and free up even more space with a hanging fruit basket. This one pictured does it all. 

All in all, whether it’s a piece of custom designed furniture or a murphy bed also used as a shelving unit, there are so many ways for you to save some space and even find ways to create space for guests you never thought of!