Photo by The Hunter Houses

Interior Inspiration from Upstate Airbnbs

This past year has forced a lot of us to rethink our lifestyle. Many people have either stayed in one (or several) upstate getaways, or are even considering the option of building or buying their very own and realizing some short term rental income. Investing in great design is a huge consideration in this market. Below are some of our favorite kitchen and bathroom designs from two Upstate Airbnb Superhosts and how you can make similar updates in your space to give it that extra welcoming touch for future guests!

Can’t get enough Color:

Photo by The Hunter Houses
Photo by The Hunter Houses

Revamp your drab cabinets! Whether or not it’s your kitchen cabinets or your bathroom ones this is an easy and fun way to brighten up any space. Check out the kitchen and bathroom above from The Hunter Houses! In their “Green House” the kitchen and bath were renovated adding pops of a lovely sage green on the cabinetry. Grab your sandpaper and your favorite color paint and give your old cabinets a new, more chic life. Below are some of HUTS favorite paint colors from Back Drop to add a little pizzazz to your space: 

First is Weekend Upstate, a soothing green color with a tinge of blue, that draws its inspiration from none other than Upstate! 

Followed by Tanlines, a stunning yellow that embodies all the warmth and energy we need during our days working from home! It’ll turn your Kitchen or bathroom into its own little escape!      

Wow worthy Wallpaper:

Photo by The Hunter Houses
Photo by Fergie Gomes

Wallpaper is an underrated and incredibly easy way to elevate a bathroom or kitchen. Don’t have the time or resources to re-tile a backsplash? Use Wallpaper! During the renovation of the other Hunter House the “BarnHouse” they chose a delicate floral wallpaper to add a light and airy feeling to the bathroom, you’ll feel at peace drifting off in a warm bath after a long day of Zoom meetings. A place in the Catskills is another great vacation rental with a prime example of where wallpaper wins! They used a fun peel and stick wallpaper from Artemis. Peel and stick is the ideal choice for renters or anyone that loves to change up their space often. Below are HUTS favorite peel and stick wallpapers from Artemis that will take your space from drab to fab in minutes:

The Carrera Peel and Stick tile look wallpaper is one of our favorite options for an easy backsplash to make your kitchen or bathroom feel extra luxe without all the work of laying tile.

For a little more color try out the Bea Peel and Stick to add a funky vibe to your space. We are loving this retro geometric pattern. 

HUTS TIP! If you have any extra wall paper use it to line your cabinet drawers and shelves for a hidden pop!  

Less is more: Take off the doors! 

Photo by The Hunter Houses

The Hunter Houses offer an abundance of inspiration as we take a look at their open shelves in the BarnHouse kitchen. You can get this modern airy look by just taking the doors and hardware off your cabinets! Invest in some sleek pots and pans and stylish new dishes that you’ll want to show off to give your kitchen a complete overhaul. This easy DIY will have you wanting to cook at home well after the pandemic is over. You can even combine all of these easy updates for this one; take the doors off, paint what’s left, then add some peel and stick wallpaper on the shelves! For any drawers or doors that must stay you can update the hardware to match your new aesthetic. Check out our HUTS hardware picks below to keep a sleek modern feel:

These clear cabinet pulls form AllModern come in three metal accents, in black, gold, and chrome and keep with the see through theme! 

Lastly this more industrial style cabinet pull from Build with Ferguson offers a modern look in 8 finishes to match any color or wood finish. 

We hope these tips and tricks offer some inspiration to re-energize your kitchens and baths and maybe inspire you to launch your own Airbnb adventure!