HUTS ADUs: Styling Your Space

Although your ADU will have a small footprint, it is sure to have a big impact depending on how you plan to use it. Whether this space will become your private zen sanctuary, or a rental property to earn extra income, the styling of this small space will be key to how much it’s enjoyed.

In this guide, we will explore some small space styling considerations.


Make this small space big on flexibility and multi-functionality. Depending on how you plan to use your ADU, it may be an Airbnb over the weekend and your private yoga retreat and office during the week. Utilizing multipurpose pieces and décor items will help you move effortlessly from one use to the next.

Timeless Design

Design your space to be timeless, rather than trendy, with a neutral color palette for easy accessorizing. This will create the most flexibility and less need for future renovations. If you decide to go bold in some of your colors and patterns, be sure to select them thoughtfully without a lot of competing elements.

Less is More

Quite literally. The less “stuff” you put in your ADU, the more space there will be for living. Keeping the floors clear and shelves uncluttered will keep the space feeling breezy and peaceful.

Natural Light 

When designing your small space, it will be essential to take advantage of both natural light and outdoor access. The daylight will make the space feel larger and seamless access to the outdoors for dining and entertaining will increase the footprint.

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