HUTS ADUs : How to Choose a Builder

You’ve got your ADU plans. Check. You’ve got your land. Check. The dream of building a sustainable, space efficient, cost effective, amazing ADU is becoming a reality!

Now you need to find the right builder. While our plans are designed for ease of use and it’s certainly possible for anyone to complete a DIY build, most of you will choose to work with a professional carpenter or contractor.

In this guide, we will provide some helpful tips to choosing the right builder for your ADU.

Experience and Preferred Projects

The design and build of ADUs has become a relatively popular topic recently, with my contractors retargeting their business to focus specifically on ADUs. Research builders who have both the experience and desire to work on this type of project. It’s always best to meet contractors where they are in terms of project level and type.

In some cases, you may want to handle parts of the project yourself. Perhaps you want to try your hand at interior finishes or built-in furnishings. Have this conversation with the builder up front to be clear on what they are – and are not – comfortable handing off.

Your HUTS ADU plans come with a comprehensive list of materials selections, systems, and an estimated, itemized build cost. This information was assembled by our preferred contractors and in-house team of experts utilizing current industry pricing. Use this information to your advantage with confidence when discussing process and pricing with your builder.

Licensed, Bonded and Insured

This seems like a no-brainer, but don’t automatically assume the builder you click with has all of the proper licenses and insurance coverage before engaging in the project. If you choose to go the professional builder route, ask for proof of license and insurance during the vetting phase.

While an unlicensed contractor or local carpenter may very well do excellent work, it doesn’t ensure any protections for you as a client. Construction projects are paid in large lump sums. Should an unlicensed contractor decide to stop showing up to the job site after collecting payment, you will have no recourse and will be left high and dry.

Ask about a Warranty

The goal is to create a long-lasting, cost effective, and perhaps even income-producing ADU. Make sure to protect your investment and ask about a warranty.
Do they offer one?
How long does it last?
Does it cover the entire ADU, or only certain components?


No matter how you look at it, or what you’re building, construction projects take awhile (even a little one like an ADU). You and the contractor team will be hanging out for quite a bit together. Perhaps the most important thing is to make sure you get along, and can imagine spending months communicating. If the vibe seems off at first, it’s probably not going to get better. Trust your instincts and remember this is supposed to be fun. Hopefully you make a good friend, and build a couple more.

We hope this has been a helpful guide, and that your adventure is one that will be exciting and rewarding. Check out HUTS Guides for more helpful hints.

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